NETWORK PLANNED MAINTENANCE: Iridium – Multiple Services

05. August 2021 - 00:08:01 CESTVERÖFFENTLICHTMailversand: 2021-08-05 00:55:02

We would like to make you aware of the upcoming maintenance event from Iridium. It will span 2 days. The first day will affect their Provi­sioning services, the second day affecting their Voice and Data voices. Further infor­mation can be found below.

Advisory Maintenance Advisory
Services Impacted Dial-Up Data, Direct Internet, Fax, GMDSS, Iridium Certus Voice, Axcess Point, Iridium GO! Services, Iridium OpenPort Voice, Pre-Paid Services, RUDICS MLPPP, RUDICS MT, RUDICS PPP, RUDICS Standard, SMS and Paging Services, Telephony Voice Service, Voice Supple­mental Services including 2‑Stage, ATS, Credit Card Calling, Crew Calling, Local Number Dialing & Voicemail
Service Status(s) Maintenance
Begin Time & Date Wednesday 18th August 2021, 15:45 (UTC)
End TIme & Date Wednesday 18th August 2021, 16:30 (UTC)
Additional Infor­mation Iridium is executing a maintenance event that will span 2 days

Day 2 of 2

During the above timeframe, Iridium is updating the Iridium Gateway Telecom Carrier Exchange Switch (Ericsson) equipment to ensure service, support and maintenance from vendors can continue uninter­rupted and to continue to deliver service excel­lence to our customers. 

Impacted Iridium Services and Products

All customers with Circuit Switched Voice and Data based services or products will be impacted. This includes safety services, enhanced services, and over the top services based on or dependent on Iridium’s Circuit Switched Voice and Data services:

Telephony VoiceS­MSDial up dataDirect Inter­net­A­ccess PointI­ridium GO!RUDICSPre-paid (voice and data)Captain CallingCrew Calling2 stage dialingLocal Number Dialing­FA­XO­penPort Voice­Certus VoiceAir Traffic SafetyGMDSS

Iridium has fully verified that all services listed operate nominally over the new telecom switch.

Dates and Times of Maintenance Related Service Interruptions

17 August (Day 1): From 17:30(GMT) to 23:30(GMT), subscriber provi­sioning services on the above list will be unavailable. During this time frame, Iridium will migrate the subscriber database to the new switch.18 August (Day 2):From 16:45(GMT) to 17:30(GMT), the above list of services will be unavailable for no more than 15 minutes. During this time frame, Iridium will move the physical connec­tions supporting circuit switched voice and data services over to the new switch.

Abbreviations and their meaning

  • Americas I-4 = Satelite responsible for the region of North- and Southamerica
  • APAC = Asia Pacific
  • BGAN = Broadband Global Area Network. Inmarsat service for BGAN devices
  • CDR = Call Detail Record
  • EMEA = Satellite responsible for the region of European Middle East Africa
  • FB or FBB = FleetBroadBand. Inmarsat service for FBB devices
  • GSPS = Global Satellite Phone Service. Inmarsat voice service for IsatPhone
  • IRIS = Remote monitoring and control system
  • SB or SBB = SwiftBroadBand. Inmarsat service for SBB devices
  • TBC = To be confirmed
  • UTC = Universal Time Coordinated

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