Planned System Activity Notification: Thuraya 2 and 3 Packet Core Network Upgrade

06. September 2022 - 01:09:02 CESTVERÖFFENTLICHTMailversand: 2022-09-06 01:20:04

Planned System Activity Notifi­cation: Thuraya 2 and 3 Packet Core Network Upgrade


Migration of Thuraya 2 and 3 Packet Core Network

Services affected

Packet services over Thuraya 2 and 3

Satellite impacted

Thuraya 2 and 3

Reason for notification

Potential service inter­ruption of packet services for 60 minutes during system migration

Start date and time

Tuesday 6th September 2022 22:30 GMT

End date and time

Wednesday 7th September 2022 04:30 GMT

Activity duration

6 hours

Please note that this activity is part of Thuraya’s ongoing efforts to upgrade their services and ensure stable and reliable network perfor­mance at all times. It involves upgrading the current Packet Core Network. As a result, all packet services delivered via Thuraya 2 and 3 including broadband packet services using APN such as Standard-VBR, Streaming-CBR, MARBB, THURAYAIPM2M and custo­mized broadband APN and narrowband packet Thura­yaGmPRS, will poten­tially be inter­rupted for appro­xi­m­ately 60 minutes. The activity window covers pre-migration, actual migration, post migration and system monitoring. we and Thuraya highly recommend to power cycle (restart/reboot) the device of the customer after this activity to ensure conti­nuous network connectivity.

Rest assured, active connec­tions of all circuit switch services including Telephony, SMS, and Circuit Switch Data (CSD) will not be affected. Any incon­ve­nience caused by this activity is regretted.

Abbreviations and their meaning

  • Americas I-4 = Satelite responsible for the region of North- and Southamerica
  • APAC = Asia Pacific
  • BGAN = Broadband Global Area Network. Inmarsat service for BGAN devices
  • CDR = Call Detail Record
  • EMEA = Satellite responsible for the region of European Middle East Africa
  • FB or FBB = FleetBroadBand. Inmarsat service for FBB devices
  • GSPS = Global Satellite Phone Service. Inmarsat voice service for IsatPhone
  • IRIS = Remote monitoring and control system
  • SB or SBB = SwiftBroadBand. Inmarsat service for SBB devices
  • TBC = To be confirmed
  • UTC = Universal Time Coordinated

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