Planned System Activity Notification – Thuraya 2 Frequency Configuration Management,

03. August 2023 - 06:08:02 CESTVERÖFFENTLICHTMailversand: 2023-08-03 06:25:07

We would like to inform you of the upcoming planned frequency change system activity on the Thuraya network. Please see below for further details. 

Services Affected Voice and packet services.
Region affected The highlighted areas in the image attached to this alert, in Thuraya 2 coverage. 
Impact Potential inter­ruption of voice and packet services for up to 15 minutes. 
Start Time 8th of August 2023 22:00 GMT
End Time 9th of August 2023 01:00 GMT
Action Required Due to the frequency change terminals may go offline for up to 15 minutes. Thiuraya’s terminals have the abiility to recover automa­ti­cally. However, if they continue to ‚Search for Network‘ or remain on ‚Acquiring Status‘, a power restart should be performed.

Abbreviations and their meaning

  • Americas I-4 = Satelite responsible for the region of North- and Southamerica
  • APAC = Asia Pacific
  • BGAN = Broadband Global Area Network. Inmarsat service for BGAN devices
  • CDR = Call Detail Record
  • EMEA = Satellite responsible for the region of European Middle East Africa
  • FB or FBB = FleetBroadBand. Inmarsat service for FBB devices
  • GSPS = Global Satellite Phone Service. Inmarsat voice service for IsatPhone
  • IRIS = Remote monitoring and control system
  • SB or SBB = SwiftBroadBand. Inmarsat service for SBB devices
  • TBC = To be confirmed
  • UTC = Universal Time Coordinated

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