Datenübertragung via Satellit

Data transfer via satellite

Data trans­mission from remote areas is indis­pensable for journalism, in research, for plant monitoring as well as remote mainte­nance of stationary or mobile plants and equipment and explo­ration of new raw material and energy deposits. The most important criteria here are data trans­mission rate, data volume per trans­mission, data volume per month.

Data volume in the MB/GB range
Data rate up to 700 kbps

Typical appli­ca­tions are internet access, trans­mission and streaming of images and movies. Fixed and mobile modems and terminals are available as land-based solutions and maritime solutions as equipment for permanent instal­lation on board.

Mobile land terminals can also be upgraded for permanent fixed instal­lation. Prepaid and postpaid contracts are available on land, while postpaid contracts are mostly offered at sea. The essential factor for the contract costs is the expected data volume during the contract term and the choice of the most suitable rate plan.

Data volume up to ~100 kbyte
Data rate 2.4 kbps to 60 kbps

In principle, data can also be trans­mitted via satellite phone. However, the service is subject to signif­icant restric­tions depending on the system. The following also applies: The specified data rates represent a maximum possible value under optimum condi­tions, which also includes the “overhead” for the trans­mission. Normally the telephone must be installed as a modem.

Thuraya phones offer 60 kbps in download and 15 kbps in upload. You can surf the Internet and check your emails with this, provided you limit the amount of data (no large attach­ments) and accept the reduced speed.

Iridium phones only offer 2.4 kbps (download/upload). Surfing the internet is not possible with this extremely small data rate. However, with special mail software, e.g. compressed weather data (GRIB-Files) can be requested and received.

Data volume up to ~50 kByte per month
Data rate ~100 byte/s

Iridium offers with the SBD service (Short-Burst-Data) a good service for small amounts of data, as they typically occur at measuring stations or during device monitoring.

A data set can contain a maximum of 0.34 to 1.96 kBytes, depending on the satellite modem. There are tariff plans with a free volume between 0 and 30 kByte/month, the service is billed by byte and is available globally.

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