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Telephony and data via satellite

Satellite phones and data transfer via satellite is our business. Whether it is emergency commu­ni­cation, data transfer in untapped areas, tracking or “just” the download of weather data for your sailing trip — we are your partner.

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We are specialists in satellite commu­ni­ca­tions. Satellite phones and modems/terminals from Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat — solutions for sailing ships or motor yachts — fixed instal­la­tions in offices or vehicles — SIM cards and airtime (prepaid or postpaid) — and all of the acces­sories. Every­thing from one source.

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Contact us: +49 6151 278488–0 or

We are available! Our standard office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:00, but we are also available in the evenings, at night, on weekends and on bank holidays — after all, we do emergency commu­ni­cation! Please allow the phone to ring a little longer outside of standard office hours. We have no problem if you call at four in the morning if you are in an emergency and need to top up credit. But, we would prefer it if you contacted us during standard office hours to discuss offers and pricing — Current local time in Darmstadt

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We will tell you if there is any satellite network coverage. Additionally, for Thuraya and Inmarsat, we also list the position of the satellite.

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**) Price/day including VAT, plus shipping costs. Minimum rental period: 1 week.