Inmarsat Explorer 710

Inmarsat satellite terminal for worldwide data trans­mission. Stand-alone battery-powered commu­ni­cation center: 2x Ethernet (RJ45), 1x ISDN (RJ45), 1x telephone (RJ11), 1x USB, VoIP, WLAN. Simul­ta­neous voice and data commu­ni­cation incl. video streaming possible.

Inmarsat works worldwide with the exception of northern Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, northern Scandi­navia and northern Russia. For these regions you need an Iridium satellite phone.

12.00 €


You rent a satellite phone with complete accessories:

Inmarsat Explorer 710

Ready to use satellite terminal
incl. 5.700 mAh battery
Inmarsat postpaid SIM card

Power charger

Charger for 240/110V

Car charger

Car / truck charger for 12/24V.

Shoulder bag

We deliver every­thing together in a robust bag.

A network cable and a simple telephone with RJ11 connector is also included.

Rental price and deposit

Rental is without SIM card. You can use your own Inmarsat BGAN SIM card or purchase one from us: Inmarsat BGAN SIM card. There are several prepaid or postpaid contract options with different durations, data volumes and guaranteed data rates. We will be happy to advise you on this.

In addition, there is a deposit of 2000 Euro, which we will refund immedi­ately upon proper return of the device. The minimum rental period is one week.

12.00 Euro/day

(netto: 10.08 Euro/day)

Technical data

Standby:up to 24 hours
Trans­mission time:
  • Transmit (144 kbps) up to 2.5 hoursTransmit (650 kbps) up to 1.5 hoursRe­ceive (492 kbps) up to 3.5 hours
Data transfer:
  • “Standard IP” up to 492 kbps“Streaming IP” guaranteed data rates with
    32, 64, 128, 256 or 384 kbps“High Data Rate Streaming” up to 650 kbps
Weight in opera­tional condition:
(Satellite terminal, SIM card, battery)
3.500 g
Weight complete:
(Satellite terminal and complete acces­sories in Shoulder bag)
5.530 g
Dimen­sions Terminal:approx. 330 x 270 x 50 mm
Dimen­sions Shoulder bag:approx. 410 x 340 x 130 mm

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To find out more visit: How renting a satellite phone works or our FAQ.