How it works

You send us a rental request. Please write us where you want to use the phone, because not all phones work everywhere. 

We will immedi­ately send you a non-binding offer and ask if we may issue a rental contract. You will receive this as a PDF file by mail.

You sign the rental agreement and send it back as an mail attachment (photo or scan). Or as a fax, if that is easier for you.

You transfer the deposit and the actual rental fee in time before the beginning of the rental period.

We send the phone in time so that it will definitely be with you on the day of the rental start. Often it will be with you one or two days earlier.

You enjoy your vacation!

After your return, you send us back the satellite phone with all acces­sories. As a customer from Switzerland or for returns from outside the EU, please be sure to attach a proforma invoice to the outside of the package.

We will confirm the proper return of the rental equipment. At the same time, you will receive a invoice of the units used — according to the airtime rates.

If you were satisfied, we will be happy to see you again on your next adventure vacation. If you were very satisfied, we will be glad to receive your message or a rating on Google.

Even if it doesn’t sound like it, we have managed points 1–5 more than once in one day. Same-day delivery is also possible, if necessary.

Still, we recommend that you reserve your satellite phone well in advance. We have over 70 rental units, but especially during the vacation season it is difficult to fulfill all requests.

Here you can find a sample rental agreement (PDF). Please do not fill out the contract, you will get your own.

Renting to customers from Switzerland
Renting to customers from non-EU countries

There is a customs clearance by the shipping service provider. This will incur fees of approx­i­mately 20 Euro. These will be invoiced to you directly by the shipping service provider.

Due to the increased handling effort for the export, we charge an additional fee of 40 Euro regardless of the rental period.

Our invoice is without German VAT, the Swiss/national VAT will be charged to you via the shipping service provider.

Return shipment from Switzerland
Return shipment from non-EU countries

For import and customs clearance we charge an additional fee of 120 Euro regardless of the rental period.

To avoid increased costs due to customs clearance, please enclose a proforma invoice with the return shipment. You can generate this here: Proforma invoice

We are here to help!

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