Iridium Extreme 9575

Rugged and splash-proof satellite phone from Iridium. A special feature is an emergency button on the top right. This can be used to initiate a call and/or send prede­fined notifi­ca­tions. The worldwide rescue control center GEOS can also be integrated.

The Iridium Extreme 9575 shows and sends GPS coordi­nates. You can send the position data by mail or use our tracking platform.

7.00 €


You rent a satellite phone with complete accessories:

Iridium Extreme 9575

Ready-to-use satellite phone
incl. 2.300 mAh battery
Iridium postpaid SIM card
and leather case

Charging and antenna adapters

Included are two adapters. With both you can charge the satellite phone. One adapter has an additional connector for an external antenna.

Power charger

Charger for 240/110V
Inter­na­tional plug set with 5 adapters

External antenna

Magnetic base antenna with 2 m antenna cable

Car charger

Car / truck charger for 12/24V.

The Iridium Extreme is rechargeable via USB too. You can also use a powerbank or our solar panel for charging.


We deliver every­thing together in a robust Peli-Case.

Rental price and deposit

You get a ready-to-use satellite phone including contract SIM card and all acces­sories (see photos above). You pay the used units (airtime rates), the rental price per day and the shipping costs (sample calcu­lation)

In addition, there is a deposit of 700 Euro, which we will refund immedi­ately upon proper return of the device. The minimum rental period is one week.

7.00 Euro/day

(netto: 5.88 Euro/day)

Technical data

Standby:up to 30 hours
Calling time:up to 4 hours
Data transfer:up to 2,4 kbps**
Compatible with:Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS
Weight in opera­tional condition:
(Satellite phone, SIM card, battery, leather case)
247 g
Weight complete:
(Satellite phone and complete acces­sories in Peli-Case)
2.310 g
Dimen­sions phone incl. leather case:approx. 200 x 60 x 55 mm
Dimen­sions Peli-Case:approx. 270 x 246 x 123 mm

**) Data trans­mission: Sending/receiving e‑mails without attach­ments and sending GPS position data works. The Iridium Extreme 9575 can also be used as a limited modem, for example to download weather data to your computer. Surfing or even YouTube definitely does not work. Under optimal condi­tions, 1 MB of data will take you an hour to transfer = You don’t want to surf.

Rental costs (example calculation)

Fictional rental of an Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone for your Adventure vacation in Northern Norway and Spitsbergen:

You fly to Narvik-Evenes (Norway) on 01.10. and return on 20.10. You want to have the phone with you as early as 29.09. so that you can test it at your leisure - which we highly recommend. The satellite phone arrives back at our place on 23.10.

The rental period is therefore 29.09. to 23.10. = 25 days.
Rental price 25 days á 7.00 Euro/day = 175.00 Euro (plus shipping)

Personal use: You call home 5 times for 3 minutes each time. Whether landline or mobile network makes no difference to the price. Furthermore, you send a short text message as an e-mail on each of 10 days. According to the connection prices, this results in:

15 minutes = 27.00 Euro
10 e-mails = 7.00 Euro

Price to reassure your loved ones at home: 209.00 Euro

We are here to help

Contact us: +49 6151 278488-0 or

To find out more visit: How renting a satellite phone works or our FAQ.

*) Price/day including VAT, plus shipping costs. Minimum rental period: 1 week.