FAQ Rental — Answers to frequently asked questions

The accessories are slightly different for each satellite phone. We have tried to show the complete accessories on the specific rental page for the device. In any case, you get a complete device with charged battery, charger with several adapters for the different sockets in the world and SIM card.

Unpack, go outside, switch on, make a call - it really is that simple.

No. Our Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phones have contract cards that do not need to be recharged.

Our Thuraya satellite phones are prepaid cards with about 3-5 hours of credit for phone calls. If you really need to make a lot of calls, we will top up your credit within a few minutes.

An outgoing call to a landline or mobile network costs 1.80 Euro/minute with Iridium.

Thuraya charges 1.13 Euro/minute or 2.31 Euro/minute to Germany (fixed network or mobile network) - depending on where you are in the world.

With Inmarsat, it is 1.25 Euro/minute to the fixed network or mobile network.

No. The satellite phone must be switched on and must have a satellite signal - in other words, a clear view to the satellite. Unlike cell phones, satellite phones normally do not work in your pocket or backpack.

Usually you call yourself and don't get called, also because calls to a satellite phone are very expensive. We recommend to arrange fixed times when you turn on the satellite phone.

We have listed this information here: Send a free message to a satellite phone

The 2-stage-dialing procedure allows you to call an Iridium satellite phone even if your phone provider prohibits dialing to the Iridium network.

To do this, you must dial a phone number in Arizona (001-4807682500). This is the number of the 2-day dialing service center in Tempe, Arizona. You will be prompted to enter the Iridium phone number (8816….). The system will verify the number and put the call through. If the Iridium satellite phone is not available, you will have the option to leave a message.

The caller pays for his connection to Arizona, the called Iridium customer is charged per minute the price for an Iridium-Iridium call.

No. Basically, satellite phones are not designed for this. They are simply not smartphones. Of course, you can try to install WhatsApp on your notebook and establish a data connection via USB to the satellite phone, but that is cumbersome and will also fail due to lack of data rate.

We recommend sending short text messages as emails.

Yes. Like any device that contains a battery, you must carry a satellite phone in your carry-on luggage.

No. In some countries you need a permit or it is prohibited completely. We have compiled all the information we have here: Satellite network coverage

Yes, we ship our rental equipment within the EU, to Switzerland and to Lichtenstein.

Yes, the satellite phone with all accessories will arrive on the first day of rental at the latest - often 1-2 days before. We have always managed this with over 2000 rentals so far and will also manage it for you.

Most likely this will not work. Since the phones contain a battery, shipping them as air cargo is prohibited. This is also the reason why you need to take the phone in your hand luggage on air travel.

Please ship with insurance, a satellite phone is worth about 1000 Euro, a terminal a little more. If you are returning the rental equipment from outside the EU, please be sure to attach a proforma invoice outside of the package. Also keep in mind that in parcel shipping devices with batteries are not transported as air freight nowadays for security reasons.

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