Kostenlose Nachricht an ein Satellitentelefon senden

Send a free message to a satellite phone

Commu­ni­cation with a satellite phone differs signif­i­cantly from conven­tional commu­ni­cation using landline or cell phones. If you want to reach someone using a satellite phone, the question arises whether the phone is switched on at that moment and has a connection to the satellite. Moreover, a call to a satellite phone is quite expensive. Therefore, we recommend sending a message to the user of the satellite phone with a request to call back.

To which network do you want to send a message?

Help: What is the network of the satellite phone?

If the phone number of the satellite phone starts with …

  • 008816, then it is an Iridium phone
  • 0088216, then it is a Thuraya phone
  • 0087077, then it is an Inmarsat phone