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Iridium Satellite Telephones — Indoor Use

Until a few years ago, the only option for using satellite telephones in buildings, for example in emergency call and opera­tions centres, was to buy mobile satellite telephones and convert them into desk telephones with docking stations. For … read more

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Iridium GO! exec — 40 times faster

At the end of January 2023, the Iridium GO! exec was officially presented: The first mobile device developed for the new Iridium satellite gener­ation. This means that a mobile device is available that offers sailors and adven­turers … read more

BGAN Explorer upgrade program

Important infor­mation about BGAN Explorer 300, 500 and 700 terminals: Cobham Satcom has recently informed us of an issue related to the GPS module of these legacy terminals. Due to the obsoles­cence of this module, the BGAN Explorer 300, 500 … read more

New Iridium prepaid vouchers

With the beginning of the year, Iridium has made changes to the prepaid vouchers: The 75-minute vouchers in the tariff plan World are no longer available, they have been replaced by 100-minute vouchers. The 300-minute and 500-minute vouchers in … read more