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We blog about satellite communications: about news and basics, guides and tutorials, beginner articles, product introductions and services.

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NASA (Unsplash)

US phone number for your Iridium phone

From May 2024, we can assign a US phone number to your Iridium SIM card. A call on this number will redirect directly to your satellite phone. More and more landline and mobile phone providers are prohibiting the dialling of satellite phone … read more

Iridium celebrates its 25th birthday

On 1 November 1998, a satellite phone call from US Vice President Al Gore to the Chairman of the National Geographic Society Gilbert Grosvenor — the grandson of Alexander Graham Bell — marked the commercial launch of the Iridium network and … read more


How much does a call to the satellite phone cost?

The prices vary depending on your telephone provider. Here are the prices for the most popular German providers when you call a satellite phone from a landline or mobile network. All information without guarantee. Please note that provider tariffs … read more


Iridium Satellite Telephones — Indoor Use

Until a few years ago, the only option for using satellite telephones in buildings, for example in emergency call and opera­tions centres, was to buy mobile satellite telephones and convert them into desk telephones with docking stations. For … read more