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We blog about satellite communications: about news and basics, guides and tutorials, beginner articles, product introductions and services.

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Iridium GO! exec — 40 times faster

At the end of January 2023, the Iridium GO! exec was officially presented: The first mobile device developed for the new Iridium satellite gener­ation. This means that a mobile device is available that offers sailors and adven­turers … read more

New Iridium prepaid vouchers

With the beginning of the year, Iridium has made changes to the prepaid vouchers: The 75-minute vouchers in the tariff plan World are no longer available, they have been replaced by 100-minute vouchers. The 300-minute and 500-minute vouchers in … read more

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Blackout Satellite Phone — What you currently need to know (December 2022)

We are currently getting a lot of inquiries about satellite phones in relation to emergency commu­ni­ca­tions, disaster response, blackout. Here are our answers to basic questions. Availability of the devices The avail­ability of the devices … read more


Why you shouldn’t use prepaid cards for emergency phones

These days we often have requests for emergency systems to be ready for possible blackouts. Hopefully these phones will never need to be used, so we are often asked for prepaid solutions that will only be topped up when needed (emergency). This is … read more