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We blog about satellite communications: about news and basics, guides and tutorials, beginner articles, product introductions and services.

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Outdoor trip in Canada/Alaska

In Canada and Alaska there are many great rivers to paddle or hiking regions far from civil­i­sation. Many places can only be reached by float­plane or an outfitter can drop you off at a starting point on a road and you are on your own for a … read more


Satellite Communication Basics

This is a beginner’s article, for someone who has never held a satellite phone before. We try to explain the basics here, in case you want to buy a satellite phone. Fact 1: Three major network providers There are three major, serious networks: … read more

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Iridium GO!

The Iridium GO! is a satellite phone without keypad, handset, micro­phone or speaker. The GO! becomes complete in inter­action with your smart­phone or tablet (Android or iOS). Both devices are connected via a Wi-Fi network which is set up by … read more

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m‑cramer User Portal

Our user portal is available at sim-ticket.de. This allows you to activate SIM cards and top up credit. You have access to call data records around the clock and can submit support requests. The platform offers customers with prepaid SIM cards the … read more