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We blog about satellite communications: about news and basics, guides and tutorials, beginner articles, product introductions and services.

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Blackout Satellite Phone — What you currently need to know (October 2022)

We are currently getting a lot of inquiries about satellite phones in relation to emergency commu­ni­ca­tions, disaster response, blackout. Here are our answers to basic questions. There are 3 serious satellite commu­ni­cation networks: … read more

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(Emergency) Communication for Southern Africa

For Namibia and Botswana travelers we recommend the use of Inmarsat satellite phones. The satellite is very vertical above you so you will have best reception every­where. We are happy to rent you a satellite phone for your round trip in southern … read more


Satellite phone up to date and ready for use

Only a functional emergency equipment can help you in case of emergency. Please keep your satellite phone up to date and ready for use. For us, this includes regular test calls: go out with the phone, switch it on, wait for the network … read more


Outdoor trip in Canada/Alaska

In Canada and Alaska there are many great rivers to paddle or hiking regions far from civil­i­sation. Many places can only be reached by float­plane or an outfitter can drop you off at a starting point on a road and you are on your own for a … read more