Iridium Satellite Telephones — Indoor Use

Until a few years ago, the only option for using satellite telephones in buildings, for example in emergency call and opera­tions centres, was to buy mobile satellite telephones and convert them into desk telephones with docking stations.

For this, in addition to the docking station, a passive antenna (for antenna cable lengths up to about 20m) or an active antenna (cable lengths up to 160m) as well as the antenna cable had to be purchased. The antenna cables are still thin and flexible enough up to a length of 75m to be installed in a reasonably comfortable way. Longer antenna cables with thick­nesses of >28mm are bulky, heavy, expensive and also very sensitive. If such a cable is bent too much, it is irreparably damaged. Such damage is often not visible, it can only be detected by measuring with the help of a frequency analyser.

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In practice, we see that the combi­nation of mobile satellite phone, docking station, antenna cable and antenna is signif­i­cantly more sensitive than ready-made complete solutions. Besides the antenna connection, we repeatedly observe mechanical or software connection problems between the mobile satellite phone and the docking station. You also have two devices here whose firmware must be kept up to date.

At this point we would like to recommend the products of Lars Thrane. With the LT series, Lars Thrane has brought a convincing gener­ation of devices onto the market that allows antenna cable lengths of up to 500m. Despite the possible lengths, these antenna cables have pleas­antly small cross-sections of 7–10mm. This makes them robust, easy to install and also cost-effective. We and our customers have had only good experi­ences with the LT series.

The following units are available, which can be used as office equipment and are of very high quality and robust construction:

The table illus­trates the most important differ­ences in the equipment of the units:

Mobile Iridium
phone + docking station
Phone lines112
simul­ta­ne­ously usable
simul­ta­ne­ously usable
SIPInternal SIP server supports external SIP telephones (VoIP telephones). Connection to SIP telephone systems via SIP trunk and SIP apps on smart­phones (via Bluetooth).
analog/ISDNPOTS phone (RJ-11)POTS phone, connection via adapter (ATA)
max. date transfer2,4 kbps2,4 kbps22 kbps up
88 kbps down
176 kbps
max. antenna cable length160m500m500m150m

Partic­u­larly when using satellite telephones in buildings, good planning of the system in advance is crucial for the subse­quent cable laying and smooth use. We will be happy to advise you in advanced and provide you with a free quotation that suits your needs and the struc­tural conditions.

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