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Why you shouldn’t use prepaid cards for emergency phones

These days we often have requests for emergency systems to be ready for possible blackouts. Hopefully these phones will never need to be used, so we are often asked for prepaid solutions that will only be topped up when needed (emergency).

This is not a good idea for several reasons.

Even with a small-scale disaster like the one in the Ahr Valley in July 2021, we had a lot of calls and emails to reactivate and recharge cards as quickly as possible. So, in addition to the tense situation here in our office, there were forces in the disaster area getting equipment ready for use that were certainly better used elsewhere.

If a disaster occurs where we are also unavailable, that is not a solution. Also, if a more large-scale disaster happened, we would not be able to serve you suffi­ciently quickly, also due to the volume of requests.

That’s why we recommend only contract cards for all emergency commu­ni­ca­tions equipment.

And one more tip: Even if your emergency phones hopefully never need to be used, you should check them regularly for functionality: 

Satellite phone up to date and ready for use

Satellite phone up to date and ready for use

Only a functional emergency equipment can help you in case of emergency. Please keep your satellite phone up to date and ready for use. For us, this includes regular test calls: go out with the phone, switch it on, wait for the network connection, call … read more

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