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US phone number for your Iridium phone

From May 2024, we can assign a US phone number to your Iridium SIM card. A call on this number will redirect directly to your satellite phone.

More and more landline and mobile phone providers are prohibiting the dialling of satellite phone numbers, or customers must apply for an activation. Calls to satellite networks can also be very expensive — see: How much does a call to the satellite phone cost?

This problem can be solved with the +1 Service from Iridium. Your Iridium phone can be reached directly at a US telephone number. There are low costs for the caller; an inter­na­tional call to the USA is cheaper than a call to the satellite network.  For a fixed monthly fee of US$ 10 net, you receive a US telephone number that is directly linked to your SIM card. There are also charges of US$ 1.50 per minute for Iridium telephone contracts and US$ 1.80 per minute for Iridium GO! contracts for incoming calls. You can switch the optional +1 Service on and off each month. 

This does not change your Iridium telephone number. Your Iridium phone can be reached on both numbers after booking the +1 Service.

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