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Are you planning a vacation far away from cell phone reception, a tour in the mountains, a desert explo­ration in Namibia or the adventure vacation of your life? Do you want to be prepared for an emergency? Or stay connected to home because your family situation or your business requires it?

Our satellite phones and tracking devices from Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Garmin are ideally suited for this. Depending on your adventure on foot, on the rock at the hotspots of the world or in a kayak — We can advise and give you recom­men­da­tions: Which satellite network and phone model fits your plan? Is a purchase profitable or is a rental device the better choice?

With our rental devices, you only pay the rent and the units consumed. Of course, you will receive a consumption statement including an itemized bill. Our Iridium and Inmarsat phones come with contract SIM cards. The Thuraya phones come with prepaid SIM cards.

Iridium satellite phones can be used worldwide and are superior in high latitudes and high alpine regions. In areas close to the equator, the connection quality is sometimes somewhat strenuous. Due to the orbiting satel­lites, Iridium is the only satellite network available in the polar regions.

Thuraya satellite phones are very small, handy and optimal when it comes to weight. The coverage of the stationary satel­lites is like Inmarsat within the polar circles but not worldwide and therefore has to be matched with your desti­na­tions. There is no satellite over North and South America. Thuraya is a good solution for the Mediter­ranean, Central Africa, Asia and Australia.

Inmarsat satellite phones are larger, more rugged but have very good voice quality. A great phone for Africa, Australia, Central America. Here the geosta­tionary satellite is optimally positioned, so that the best possible connection is given. Inmarsat works worldwide with the exception of northern Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, northern Scandi­navia and northern Russia. For these regions you need an Iridium satellite phone.

You will find infor­mation on reception and call quality for each country via the form, as well as partial notes and prohi­bi­tions on the use of satellite phones.

The Garmin tracking and navigation devices offer reduced commu­ni­cation via text messages in the Iridium network. The range extends from the matchbox-sized inReach mini with Bluetooth connection to the smart­phone to the real navigation device GPSMAP 66i with worldwide offline maps. We offer Garmin devices only for purchase.

Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminals are the ideal companions if you not only want to make phone calls, but also need internet and email access. The coverage of the stationary satel­lites is worldwide within the polar circles.

Especially for the main travel season in summer you should inquire early, because here — despite our large rental pool — experience shows that there are always some shortages.

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