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Iridium GO! exec — 40 times faster

At the end of January 2023, the Iridium GO! exec was officially presented: The first mobile device developed for the new Iridium satellite gener­ation. This means that a mobile device is available that offers sailors and adven­turers contem­porary upload and download speeds.

With 88 kbit/s download and 22 kbit/s upload, it is possible to use the usual apps for social media, e‑mail and surfing online. The download speed is nearly 40 times faster than with the first-generation Iridium GO! The times without direct internet access are also gone.

Iridium GO!
1. gener­ation
Iridium GO! exec
2. gener­ation
Internet accessSpecial GO! appsIP data
Time to Connect30 seconds2 seconds
Time to Start Send / Receive Data45 seconds5 seconds
Upload Speed2.4 kbps22 kbps
Time to Send 10 KB1 minute10 seconds
Download Speed2.4 kbit/s88 kbps
Time to Download 50kB3 minutes10 seconds
Comparison Iridium GO! vs. Iridium GO! exec

The GO! exec creates a WLAN network that several devices can use simul­ta­ne­ously. Social media on the tablet, satellite telephony on the smart­phone and recieving and processing grip files on the notebook are therefore no problem. The notebook can also be connected via a network cable; a dedicated LAN socket is available on the GO! exec.

Iridium GO! exec: SOS button + ports
Iridium GO! exec: SOS button + ports

Other connec­tions are: 2 USB‑C ports, one of which is for the power supply or charging of the internal battery, which is unfor­tu­nately perma­nently installed. The second USB‑C port can be used to connect a headset or charge your smart­phone. There are also 2 connec­tions for external antennas (satellite antenna and GPS antenna). This means that the Iridium GO! exec can be installed below deck or deep in the vehicle with the other equipment.

However, it is also mobile and, thanks to the rechargeable battery, can be used stand-alone. The battery provides the GO! exec with up to 24 hours of standby or up to 6 hours of call/data trans­mission. The device is dust and water resistant (IP65), robust (MIL-STD-810H) and compact. External features are a weight of 1200g and a square body with an edge length of 20cm and a height of 2.5cm. This means it also fits in a backpack if necessary.

Iridium GO! exec: iOS App
Iridium GO! exec App (iOS)

Thanks to the built-in touch­screen, micro­phone and speaker, you can make phone calls directly on the device. So in case of an emergency in the life raft, you no longer have to rely on a saltwater-sensitive smart­phone. However, the use of a headset may be useful here.

The SOS button of the GO! has been retained. In an emergency, this can be used to transmit the current GPS position data to specified recip­ients. It is also possible to connect the GO! exec to the Inter­na­tional Emergency Response Coordi­nation Center (IERCC) and initiate an inter­na­tional rescue operation.

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Iridium GO! exec

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In addition to the costs for the hardware, you need a fixed-term contract for use. Prepaid is no longer available, but there are several tariffs that can be cancelled monthly and so are very flexible. The cheapest tariff costs USD 109 per month, which includes 25 phone minutes and 25 MB data volume. The largest plan has a minimum contract period of one year, 1000 phone minutes and 1000 MB data volume are included annually, at a price of just USD 2600.

All details about the tariff plans can be found directly in the shop: Iridium Certus Postpaid SIM Card

Iridium Certus Postpaid SIM-Karte

Update 05.07.2023 — Prices adjusted. The tariff plans have become slightly cheaper.

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