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New Iridium prepaid vouchers

With the beginning of the year, Iridium has made changes to the prepaid vouchers:

The 75-minute vouchers in the tariff plan World are no longer available, they have been replaced by 100-minute vouchers. The 300-minute and 500-minute vouchers in the 24-month tariff plan World have been replaced by a 4000-minute voucher with a 24-month validity period.

There were also changes to the vouchers for special regions:

The Africa voucher and the Africa/Middle East (MENA) voucher were combined into one. This Middle East/Africa voucher has 500 minutes with a duration of 12 months.

In the Nothern Lights and Latin America tariff plans, there was previ­ously only one voucher each with 200 minutes and a term of 6 months. From now on, both tariff plans have an additional voucher with 500 minutes and 12 months duration.

*) Price includes VAT, plus shipping costs.