Kostenlose Nachricht an ein Satellitentelefon senden

Send a free message to a Inmarsat satellite phone

Commu­ni­cation with a satellite phone differs signif­i­cantly from conven­tional commu­ni­cation using landline or cell phones. If you want to reach someone using a satellite phone, the question arises whether the phone is switched on at that moment and has a connection to the satellite. Moreover, a call to a satellite phone is quite expensive. Therefore, we recommend sending a message to the user of the satellite phone with a request to call back.

Option 1:
Send a message via Inmarsat website

Inmarsat offers on its website the possi­bility to send a message to an Inmarsat phone for free:

Screenshot Inmarsat website

Option 2:
Send a message via smartphone

Use the Satway Pro Satellite Messenger app, available for Android and iOS.

Option 3:
Send a message via email

Another option is to send an email to the satellite phone. This is delivered as a text message. The reception is free of charge for the satellite phone user. 

  • Create a new e‑mail in the mail program you are using.
  • In the To field, enter the phone number without leading zeros followed by @message.inmarsat.com (e.g. 87077xxxxxx@message.inmarsat.com).
  • The subject field is not trans­mitted and can be left empty.
    If your email program does not want to send mails without subject, enter anything. But please keep in mind: It will not reach the recipient.
  • Your text goes into the message field, there is a total of 160 characters available, text breaks count as one character.
  • No attach­ments are possible. Also make sure that no signature/footers are attached to the message.

The recipient will receive the email on the satellite phone in the format: Email address followed by the message text.