Netzabdeckung der Satellitennetze
Flagge Australia

Network coverage Australia


Thuraya40° - North-WestElevation - Azimuth

Inmarsat56° - SouthElevation - Azimuth

Network availability notes

The above information refers in each case to the center of the country / region.

For Thuraya and Inmarsat we have indicated the elevation angle to the satellite and the azimuth. The flatter the satellite is above the horizon, the more difficult the reception will be depending on topography and buildings. This should clarify our classification. For fixed installations, the elevation angle is not crucial as long as the antenna has a clear view to the satellite.

Iridium has orbiting satellites. Here the proximity to the equator plays the decisive role, because at the equator the satellite density of the Iridium network is lowest. On the sea, however, this is negligible because there is a clear view all around, even to satellites located flat above the horizon.

Our recommendation

For the whole of Australia a Thuraya or Inmarsat phone is very suitable. For the southern or eastern islands we do not recommend a Thuraya phone anymore. Here, an all-day connection is no longer possible, since the Thuraya satellite oscillates around the equator line (6° geosynchronous) and so there are restrictions. Generally, an Iridium phone can also be used in Australia.