Netzabdeckung der Satellitennetze

Network coverage Indian Ocean




Network availability notes

Iridium has orbiting satellites. Here the proximity to the equator plays the decisive role, because at the equator the satellite density of the Iridium network is lowest. On the sea, however, this is negligible because there is a clear view all around, even to satellites located flat above the horizon.

Info for sailors

When it comes to emergency communication on the ocean, you are right with an Inmarsat or Iridium phone. Since you have free visibility all around on the ocean and therefore best conditions concerning the visibility of the satellites, Iridium is suitable from North to South Pole. Inmarsat is also first choice for the waters inside the polar circles.

When you need to download weather data (Grib files), we recommend Iridium.

The Iridium GO!, Iridium Extreme as well as the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 offer a programmable SOS button as well as the possibility for tracking with our tracking platform.