Blog: Geräte für Iridium Certus Maritim

Devices for Iridium Certus Maritim

The Iridium Certus Maritim service now offers several bandwidths:

Specific devices are offered for each of these Certus services:

Certus Maritim 100

Typical appli­ca­tions: Email, weather data, very slow internet.

This service was released by Iridium in November 2021. Currently, only the Lars Thrane LT-4100 supports this speed class.

The LT-4100 is a fixed satellite phone with a LAN port. The devices connected there are provided with a — according to the service — slow internet connection. An important firewall function is also already integrated. Any devices and SIP phones can be connected to the LAN port. It is also possible to use SIP apps on the LT-4100 by connecting a Wifi access point to the Ethernet port.

Certus Maritim 200

Typical appli­ca­tions: Email, weather data, slow internet.

This speed class was released by Iridium in July 2021. Again, only one device is currently available, the Thales VesseLINK 200.

This is a perma­nently installed satellite WLAN router with 4 LAN ports and an RJ-14 telephone socket. Up to 3 phone calls can be made via the phone port and the built-in SIP server simul­ta­ne­ously to the internet usage. A whitelist firewall is also integrated, which only allows access to internet addresses and services that you have approved. Large and therefore expensive (background) updates are therefore excluded. Another advantage of the VesseLINK 200 is the small and light antenna — about the size of a coffee mug — for this performance.

Certus Maritim 700

Typical appli­ca­tions: Internet/VPN, IoT, telemed­icine, Email, weather data.

There are currently 3 satellite terminals available in this speed class for maritime applications:

The Thales VesseLINK 700 is fixed satellite WLAN router with 4 LAN ports and a RJ-14 phone jack. Up to 5 SIP phones can be connected wirelessly via the integrated SIP server — your Android/iOS smart­phone thus becomes a satellite phone. A firewall is also built in here to protect you from nasty surprises due to unwanted and expensive downloads. Especially iOS or Windows updates that are downloaded unnoticed in the background can quickly result in high costs.

The Cobham Sailor 4300 is a perma­nently installed satellite router with 4 LAN ports. The device currently doesn’t utilize the possible upload bandwidth and only offers 176 kbps instead of 352 kbps. The antenna is the largest of the Certus Maritim systems and is also too heavy in our opinion with almost 10 kg.

The Intellian C700 is a perma­nently installed satellite WLAN router with 4 LAN ports. It has connec­tions for up to 2 analog phones and a SIP server for up to 16 SIP phones. Like the Thales models, a firewall is also integrated here. Compared to the VesseLINK 700, the antenna is slightly higher and twice as heavy. The advantage of the Intellian C700 is the currently best low angle RF perfor­mance compared to the two Certus Maritim 700 systems mentioned above. With strong heeling in the angular range below the horizon line, you have better reception values here.

Iridium Certus tariffs

To use the devices you still need a SIM card for Iridium Certus MARITIME and an monthly or annual contract. You can find the current tariffs by clicking on the “Documents” tab under the SIM card image.

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