Blog: Iridium Extreme 9575 vs. Iridium PTT 9575
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Iridium Extreme 9575 vs. Iridium PTT 9575

The Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone is also available in a variant called Iridium PTT 9575. In addition to the normal function­al­ities of telephony via satellite, commu­ni­cation similar to that of two-way radios is also built in here. 

PTT means Push-To-Talk and offers voice commu­ni­cation via satellite similar to two-way radios or walkie-talkies. Multiple PTT partic­i­pants can talk to each other in user-defined regions at the push of a button. Just like two-way radio — one person talks, everyone else listens — only via satellite. You can define the region(s) as you like and worldwide.

The Push-To-Talk function is linked to the IMEI device ID of the phones, an Iridium SIM card is not necessary for the PTT service. The contract fees are based on the size of the region and the number of subscribers, so there is no billing of individual calls via units or phone minutes.

PTT benefits

For those who have a high and frequent need for calls with one or more partners in a certain region, the higher basic fees of the PTT flat rate contract can pay off. PTT is not available as a prepaid service.

Examples of use

Car rally in a certain desert area, husky sled races through Lapland or Alaska, military opera­tions in a specified area, disaster management, mountain rescuers, forestry workers or forest firefighting.

Phone models

The Iridium PTT 9575 is, as mentioned above, a normal Iridium satellite phone, with which you can commu­nicate worldwide with other mobile and landline or satellite phone subscribers. A standard prepaid or postpaid (contract) SIM is required for this. So the Iridium Extreme 9575 PTT offers both possi­bil­ities: Telephony via SIM card and PTT function.

The Iridium Extreme 9575 uses only the Iridium standard phone service.

And the ICOM IC-SAT100 (no longer in stock) offers the PTT function only.

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