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Unlimited Calling Plan Iridium-to-Iridium

Enable Unlimited Calling to your Iridium postpaid contract now. It allows you to place unlimited calls from one to another Iridium phone (handset to handset) — at a fix price of only $ 30/month excl. VAT*. 

Unlimited calling is not available for Iridium GO!, Certus or Pilot devices. This service is charged pro rata in the activation month and is also only available from the moment of activation. In the deacti­vation month, the service is charged in full, regardless of the exact deacti­vation date. The service can be activated or deacti­vated at any time. This plan is only valid for voice calls, not for data calls.

*) Conversion to daily updated EUR / USD rate on billing, price in addition to the fees of your Iridium contract.