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Activate SIM-card, top up credit (Prepaid)

In just a few steps, you can order the activation of your SIM card and/or top up credit on our User Portal.

Here is an example for Iridium Prepaid:


  • Log in to sim-ticket.de. If you do not have access yet, you can subscribe via register now.
  • Click activation/reload in menu.
  • Select Iridium as the satellite system.
  • Select Prepaid/GO! Prepaid as the card type.


  • Here you select the tariff plan that you want to load/reload on your SIM card.


  • Here you select the voucher and the quantity.
  • You could also select 75 minutes, 90 days plus 30 days extension at the same time here. This would give you 75 minutes available for a total of 120 days.


  • For each voucher there is also a detailed expla­nation text. Please put the mouse pointer over the [i] in the specific line.
  • You can find the prices of the vouchers in our store: SIM Cards, Airtime


  • On this page you enter your SIMID and the requested activation date. You will find the SIMID in your documents or printed directly on the SIM card.
  • If you have several SIM cards, the field title of your choice is useful. This makes it easier for you to find tickets again.
  • The order confir­mation and also the confir­mation of the actual reload/activation will always be sent to you by e‑mail. On this page you can specify additional email addresses for these notifi­ca­tions and also specify that you will receive an SMS to your cell phone and/or satellite phone.


  • In the last step, you will see an overview of all data for the actual reload.


  • You will also receive the ticket data as an email for confir­mation.


  • Under my tickets you have the possi­bility to check or change your actual reload at any time.
  • Up to the date of activation, you can also make changes there: Select another tariff plan, change the activation date, etc.


  • On the activation date, the tickets are processed by us first in the morning. A reload is normally available at 9:30AM local time in Darmstadt latest.
  • When the SIM card is activated for the first time, your satellite phone number is assigned directly by the network operator. You will receive your phone number by email together with the security codes.
  • We will be happy to send this mail to up to three email addresses, which you can specify in step 5. Our alerts (low credit, SIM card expiration) also go to all specified email addresses.

Our User Portal provides you with important services 24/7: sim-ticket.de

We are here to help!

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