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Deactivation, stop subscription (Postpaid)

You can cancel your SIM card contract in just a few steps on our User Portal.

Here is an example for Iridium:


  • Log in to sim-ticket.de. If you do not have access yet, you can subscribe via register now.
  • Click deacti­vation postpaid in menu.
  • Select Postpaid Iridium as the satellite system.


  • On this page, you must enter at least your SIMID and the required deacti­vation date. You can find your SIMID in your documents or printed directly on the SIM card.
  • If you have several SIM cards, the field title of your choice is useful. This makes it easier for you to find tickets again.
  • The order confir­mation will be sent to you by email. On this page you can specify additional email addresses for these notifi­ca­tions and also specify that you will receive an SMS to your cell phone


  • In the last step, you will once again see an overview of all data for the deacti­vation.


  • You will also receive the ticket data as an email for confir­mation.


  • On the day of the requested deacti­vation, we will process the ticket and you will receive a corre­sponding confir­mation by email.

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