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Show call data records, CDRs (Prepaid)

You can view your individual call data at any time and in just a few steps via our User Portal.

Here is an example for Iridium:


  • Log in to sim-ticket.de. If you do not have access yet, you can subscribe via register now.
  • Click call data record in menu.
  • Select Iridium as the satellite system.


  • Enter your SIMID and your phone number. You will find your SIMID in your documents or printed directly on the SIM card.
  • Place the mouse pointer over the [i] in the row to get hints on how to enter the data correctly.


  • Select the time period for which you would like to have the call data records displayed.
  • Please note that the call data records are available for a maximum of 180 days in the past. We are bound here by the legal periods for retaining connection data.


  • The call data records in the required time period and the remaining credit are displayed.
  • You can see incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as data connections.


  • Using the buttons below the table you can export the call data records in XLS, PDF and CSV formats.

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